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Maximise your sporting performance by improving the fitness factors related to your sport. No matter what age or level you perform at, our personal trainers can help you improve your sporting and athletic performance

Sports and performance personal trainers
sports personal training plans

the plan

Our personal trainers will provide full fitness testing and analyses of your sporting event. We will use the data we gather to provide you with a periodised training plan, so you arrive, at your event, in peak physical condition to compete.

the workouts

Once we've analysed your conditioning factors like: strength, core stability, posture, range of motion and flexibility, we will provide you with the most effective workouts to improve your sporting performance.

sports personal training workouts
diet and nutrition for sports performance


The correct nutrition is essential in order to improve performance and get the most out of your training, aid recovery, and have high energy levels during workouts. We have scientifcally driven eating plans to help you achieve this.

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