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Claire, Glasgow

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the results speak for themselves

I had tried and failed with many exercise plans in the past, unable to make any real progress. I started working with Kelly a year ago and the results speak for themselves. I have lost 2 stones and taken part in a 10k. This wouldn't have been possible without Kelly. Her sessions are fun and challenging and she is always available for help and support. I feel great and as fit as I ever have which is completely down to Kelly.  

Claire McCulloch, Project Manager, Glasgow.

Claire's Results

Body Fat 28 Pounds
Muscle Gain 5 pounds
Biological Age 60yrs to 30yrs
Fitness Achievement 10k race

Caroline, Glasgow

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in the best shape of my life

I’ve been consistently training with Martin Khoo for a year and I’m now in the best shape of my life. And the stats prove it; I’ve lost 14 pounds of pure body fat.

His sessions are geared up to your individual needs and tailored to your energy and health levels on the day.

If your NY resolutions are to become stronger, fitter and leaner in 2017 and you are thinking about a trainer, I recommend you sign up with Martin. 

Caroline Newson, Marketing, Glasgow.

Caroline's Results

Body Fat % Change 26% to 18%
Muscle Mass 3 pound increase
New Fitness Skill Body weight pull ups
Total Weight Loss 9 st down to 7st, 12

Davinia, Glasgow

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encourages you to succeed

I'd always thought having a personal trainer was a perk enjoyed only by the rich and famous. But it's not - I'm neither rich nor famous and I've found that having someone there to push you when you need it, encourage you to succeed and help you keep injury free is worth every penny. 

Davinia Scutt, Lawyer, Glasgow.

Davina's Results

Body Fat 33% down to 22%
Muscle Mass 4 pound increase
Fitness Skill 1st Marathon
Total Weight Loss 10 stone 10npounds to 9 stone 5 pounds

Susan, Glasgow

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best decision I ever made..

I have worked with Martin for just under a year and during this period he has managed to transform my body shape completely.I have always been relatively fit (regular running, gym visits and pilates); however, I was interested in finding out what I could achieve with the help of a personal trainer.

With Martin's support I am now training at a level which I would not previously have thought possible. Starting training with Martin has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my own health and well-being.

My sessions with Martin have not only affected by approach to training but also my overall lifestyle as his help with nutrition have been really valuable. Each session is challenging, focussed and (apart from the pain) good fun. I now can't imagine a week without training with Martin so I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about getting a personal trainer to get in touch with Martin. You won't regret it!  

Dr Susan Rassmussen, Health Psychologist, Glasgow.

Susan's Results

Weight Loss 11 stone to 9.5 stone
Fat Loss 20 pounds
Body Fat Percentage 32% to 25% body fat
Inch Loss 7 inches from waist
Metabolic Age 35yrs to 25yrs
Strength 50% increase

Lyndsay, Glasgow

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the science works..

I know you have heard it all before. Diets have never worked for me and as a result i refuse to go on a diet. Ive been told many times during the years process "its not a diet, its a lifestyle" well its true. I have honestly changed my relationship with food and am much happier as a result.

All i can say is stick with it and have faith in Martin and the science, it works. The support Martin has given me during the last year and a half has been second to none i havnt been this weight since i was 18. I feel fab. 

Lyndsay Khoo, Company Director, Glasgow.

Lyndsay's Results

Weight Loss 2stone
Fat Loss 24 pounds
Metabolic Age 40yrs to 21yrs
Muscle Increase 5 pounds

Pauline, Glasgow

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I've changed the way I look at exercise & food.

I have been a yo-yo dieter for years, losing weight and then putting it all - and sometimes more! - back on again. But then I started personal training with Kelly and with her advice and motivation, I have changed the whole way I look at my exercise and food regime. It's not all about being "on a diet" and going mad with loads of cardio classes. Thanks to Kelly, I now have the tools I need on nutrition and combining strength training with some cardio to hopefully achieve long term maintenance of my goals. I know I couldn't have got to where I am today without her support, encouragement and inspiration!  

Pauline Agnew, P.A, Glasgow.

Pauline's Results

Weight Loss 2stone
Fat Loss 24 pounds (11% body fat)
Metabolic Age 55yrs to 35yrs
Muscle Increase 3 pounds

Anne, Glasgow

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a healthy weight & more confident..

After being overweight and yo-yo dieting for more than 20 years I decided I needed help and started training with Martin. We worked really hard in the gym, changed my eating habits and how I perceive food. I hadn't ran in over 20 years, I can now run for 10k without stopping, which I still cant quite believe! I'm now a healthy weight, a lot more confident, and happy!. But still pushing myself with Martin to take it to my next goa l 

Anne McMurdo, Administrator, Glasgow.

Anne's Results

Weight Loss Over 5 stones
Fat Loss 63 pounds (20% body fat reduction)
Metabolic Age 60yrs to 36yrs
Fitness Achievment Ran 10km

Ariel, Glasgow

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Well done Ariel!

A big congratulations to Ariel for achieving such fantastic results in her training and getting in such fantastic shape for her wedding this year. I think we can all agree she looks stunning in her wedding photo. Areil got the following results doing our 8 week accelerated programme and eating plan. Ariels results show you can get great results fast.

Ariel Zhu, Musician, Glasgow.

Ariel's Results

Fat Loss 14 pounds
Muscle Gain 5 pounds
Waist & hips 3 inches reduction in both
dress size size 10 to size 6

Lyndsey, Glasgow

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I'm delighted with my results..

I came to Martin with a very specific goal and an exact time to reach that goal: get in the best shape of my life for my wedding day. I was delighted with my results I got from my training and eating plan. I couldnt recomend Martin enough.

Lyndsey's Results

Weight Loss 1 stone
Total Fat Loss 14 pounds
Fat Loss Percentage 35% body fat to 28% body fat
Muscle Gain 3 pounds
Metabolic Age 44 yrs to 29yrs

Kate, Glasgow

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I wish I'd done it years earlier..

I met Martin just at the right time - I was heavily overweight, lacking confidence and motivation, with no fitness. With training and goals underpinned by informed instruction, Martin identified my core fitness and health needs and helped me get from unfit to athletic, I learned an incredible amount about nutrition, exercising and physiology.

When I got pregnant with my first child (putting on 4½ stone), Martin helped me with a sensible, maintainable health and fitness programme. In only 7 months, I am back to my original weight. I only wish I'd met Martin years earlier. 

Kate McBain, Sociologist, Glasgow.

Kate's Results

Weight Loss 3 stone
Fat Loss Total 40 pounds
Fat Loss Percentage 10% body fat reduction)
Muscle Gain 4 pounds
Inches 7 inches off waist

Jen, Glasgow

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I highly recommend Kelly..

Being new to the gym was all a bit daunting. Starting with a Kelly Bass has helped immensely! Seven months later I feel stronger, healthier and motivated, enjoying the challenge of my training goals and self improvement with no intention of stopping. If you are looking for a great trainer, to enjoy the gym and to see and feel the results of your hard work, I highly recommend personal training with Kelly Bass

Jen Forbes, Pilates Instructor, Glasgow.

Jen's Results

Muscle Gain 5 pounds
Fat Loss 4 % body fat reduction
Strength Increase 60% upper and lower body

Christine, Glasgow

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I lost 7% body fat..

Martin's enthusiasm and knowledge have helped me transform my body and even run my first marathon! Having run a few 10Ks and a half marathon, I initially just wanted to get faster and stronger. However, Martin helped me realise that I could do more, and I successfully ran the Edinburgh Marathon in May this year within my desired time and injury free. I have managed to lose 7% body fat; go down at least a dress size; now have stomach muscles AND sorted out my Bingo wings. I would recommend Martin to anyone wanting results. Everyone should have a Martin! 

Dr Christine Walker, GP, GLasgow.

Christine's Result

Weight Loss Over 10 pounds
Fat Loss 7% fat loss
Inches Lost 7 Inches off waist
Fitness Achievment Ran first marathon

Susie, Glasgow

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Ran my first marathon, injury free..

After my two previous attempts of running a marathon were halted due to injury, I was determined to get it right the third time, so enlisted Martins services to get me ready. Martin designed and implemeneted a strength and conditioning programme and nutrition plan for me; three months later I completed my marathon injury free. I enjoyed the training so much I continued personal training with Martin after the marathon and lost 22 pounds of fat. Happy!

Susie Cresswell, Marketing Director, Glasgow

Susie's Results

Weight Loss 11.5 stone to 9 stone, 11 pounds
Fat Loss 25 pounds of fat loss
Metabolic Age 58yrs to 35yrs
Fitness Achievment Ran first marathon

Kris, Glasgow

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pushed harder..

I love exercise but find it hard to motivate myself as I often work 60 hours a week. I also wasn't getting the results from the exercise I was doing. Enter Martin- he pushed me harder than ever before and adjusted the way I ate until I started to lose weight- eating more! He also got me from being unable to run for 10 minutes to running a 10k in 60 minutes. Top personal trainer Hire him!! 

Kris, Doctor, Glasgow.

Kris's Results

Fat Loss 14 pounds
Muscle gain 4 pounds
Inches 7 inches off waist
Fitness Achievment Ran 10km in under 60 mins

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